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R Shiny Masterclass: Building, Styling, and Scaling Shiny Applications


This is an R Shiny Masterclass for all levels hosted by Appsilon (@appsilon) and RStudio PBC (@rstudio). Appsilon is a global leader in Shiny and has developed many large-scale Shiny projects for Fortune 500 companies. The Masterclass was first held at rstudio::global in January 2021.

Why Is My Dashboard Ugly? A Crash Course in Shiny Dashboard UI


Pedro Silva provides a crash course on dashboard design. The talk is centered around R Shiny Dashboards, but the UI best practices outlined can apply to any kind of dashboard.

No Framework, No Problem! Structuring your project and creating custom components


It is not always possible to create a dashboard that fully meets your expectations or requirements using only existing libraries. Maybe you want a specific function that needs to be custom built, or maybe you want to add your own style or company branding. Whatever the case, a moment might come when you need to expand and organize your code base, and dive into creating a custom solution for your project; but where to start?

From Basic Prototype to Production-Ready R Shiny Dashboard


As web dashboards have become the norm for interacting with data, looks and added functionality have taken a more prominent role. Dashboard users expect the typical look and feel and interactivity they get when surfing the web. To help fill the gap between data scientists and developers, packages that simplify and streamline the dashboard creation process have become more important as part of the dashboard creation workflow.

CSS Enhances R Shiny; SASS Enhances CSS


CSS is older than the hills, almost as old as HTML itself, but it provides dramatic improvements in style and sanity in your R Shiny applications. And it will save you time.

How to Make Your CSS Systematically Awesome with SASS


SASS is CSS for programmers. It gives you the building blocks that you’re used to, such as variables, conditions, and loops. And it helps you organize. The bigger the project, the bigger the advantages offered by SASS. It’s a way of managing CSS styles even if you’re not very good at it.

How to Use CSS to Style Your R Shiny Dashboards


CSS can be a powerful tool for enhancing your R Shiny apps. In this post I’ll provide a brief overview of CSS and I’ll discuss adding CSS to R Shiny.

How to Build a Video Game in R Shiny


For the last two years, RStudio has been organizing a competition to showcase the power and flexibility of Shiny as a framework for creating applications. Lately I’ve been devoting my career to making Shiny apps more beautiful at Appsilon, and this year I decided to take part in the contest. However, I wanted to do something a little bit different…

R Shiny: How to Style Shiny Dashboards with CSS and SASS


For a long time CSS has been used to style websites and applications. With the appearance of pre-processors, SASS has become more and more popular, but still hasn't found its way into mainstream production in Shiny applications.